Visitor data is stored in two database tables: one table is the visit logs linked to the QR code(s). This data will be stored between 30 and 60 days (sufficient time to download any reports you need). Beyond that, the visitor log data is permanently deleted.

The second table is a visitor lookup table. This stores the visitor contact info for quick retrieval for multiple visits. This data will be deleted if the visitor does not re-use their data within 30 days.

No Account Holder or Visitor data will be shared with anyone other than the account holder.

Hosting is on a server I run on linode.com. I've enabled robust server-side security. Passwords are encrypted, form input is filtered and validated and I've used email verification for account authentication.

Data is backed up daily and one backup is stored for seven days. After that, the backup is permanently overwritten by the next backup.


PRICING — There is no pricing. This was designed as a fully functional showcase and portfolio project. And to help out during these crazy times.

If you start having more than say a thousand visitors a month, maybe we can negotiate something? In the meantime, explore, try it out, send me feedback?

If you use thedoorlog.com and like it? Please consider emailing me a review / endorsement and grant me permission to post on my site? I would VERY much appreciate that.

I'm for hire. So, let me know if you're wanting to develop something like this?: peter@peteraylinstudios.com