THE DOOR LOG was designed to save Ontario small businesses time, effort, materials and resources AND make it easy to securely log visitors (or employees) during COVID-19. It’s contactless, paperless, secure and customizable. No sanitizing pens, paper handling, duplicating information or any other hassles…

Here’s how it works: in your free account, enter info about your venue or event. thedoorlog.com creates a poster for you and you just print it out and post it outside your premises. THAT’S IT!

And you can have multiple QR Codes / Posters. Use for multiple locations or just have a separate code for your employees and visitors.

Your visitors / employees scan the code, answer the provincial mandatory questions, enter whatever info you need and the app takes care of logging their info for you.

You can add a button to text one of your contacts that you have a visitor waiting outside.

You can access download the logs for your QR Codes on demand, 24/7.

thedoorlog.com takes your security and privacy extremely seriously (starting with email verification for account setup). However, I’ll be uploading the source code to Github so you can get your own Web Developer to host your thedoorlog.com clone on your own site—of course, I am for hire but if you've got your person, that's okay too, just give me a credit? As long as your web host has PHP installed and can connect to a MySQL Database (most do), you’re all set to go!

Check out the Demo.

If you have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me at: peter@peteraylinstudios.com (I'm based in Toronto).