Welcome to THE DOOR LOG!

Is your business required to keep a record of visitors to your workplace during the current pandemic?

Introducing a free, quick and simple solution to generate your own QR Codes in the form of a Poster.

You can print a poster directly from this site, or save it as PDF and take to your local friendly print shop.

Using phone to scan QR Code on poster on door

We’ll store your visitor records on secure servers for up to 30 days, during which time you can download as a .csv file (filter by all or one of your QR Codes, and by day or range of dates).

Customize your Door Poster with your own colours and text fields. Then preview and print directly from this website.

You have the option of adding a contact person to the code (which you can change dynamically), to which your visitors can call or text from within the app? You can assign multiple locations, PLUS (just added) an option to request your visitors to comply to your own “Visitor Policy”.

Check out the DEMO for a glimpse at what your visitors will see.

Create a free account and check out all the possibilities.

How much does it cost? Checkout the pricing on the Policies page.

Have questions? Checkout the FAQ or email us at: peter@peteraylinstudios.com.